How to effectively post on Wanasoko.

Posting an effective post is not a hustle. Just follow these simple guidelines and you will be hustling like a pro.

Wanasoko relies on Google for over 80% of its traffic. We have therefore custom made the website to follow Google’s SEO guidelines. We therefore have to ensure that all the posts on the site match these guidelines. Why you may ask. The answer is simply that over 3/4 of the worlds population is uses Google to shop online. Before persons have searched on OLX or here they have first searched for the item on Google. Our main goal is to ensure we place your items and those of many sellers like you infront of these eyeballs before they hit E-BAY or OLX or GOOGLE TRADER to seek what you are selling. 

1.) Ensure you post contains enough mentions of the product you are selling. 


“selling this for 100/= “

is a poor post. Google and Wanasoko search engines analyse for quality content and therefore both search engines would not be able to draw you traffic.

“I am selling this red shoe for 100.shs”

is a better post. In that statement you have identified the object ‘shoe’ and further identified that it’s characteristics ‘red’. such a post would place you top of all searches for ‘shoe’ and ‘red shoe’

2.) Do not spike your post with keywords.

Despite the earlier point indicating that you need to add keywords to your post it is important that you do not over use the keywords.This will actually lower your search rank. Simply create a meaning full sentence using the appropriate keywords.

 3.) Uploading a picture earns you a top spot.


Take for instance you are looking for a heel. Would you prefer a post that just tells you about the shoe or one that also shoes you the shoe. Our algorithm is able to identify those posts with images and awards them a point to take them higher.


4.) Our system will not accept uploading duplicate content. Therefore avoid it.

We totally dig it that you want to post multiple times. Cool but just not the system will not upload any duplicate content. However your post will still be posted to Facebook Groups.


Taking Wanasoko a notch higher.

It has been a long time coming since we improved wanasoko in a great algorithm modification and this afternoon I would like to announce that our search engine has been upgraded 10 folds. From the broken and meaningless search engine that would simply select content from the database to a fully robust search engine that is able to use Natural language and provide you not only with the most relevant content but also with speed.

As we celebrate this achievement we would like to also announce that we are also busy building the new wanasoko look that will be robust and simple to use. Stay tuned. Thank you for using wanasoko for your hustle and God bless.

Wanasoko new redesign launch..

The votes are in and your voice was heard. After months of testing the new Wanasoko design we found that most of you shop-a-holics preferred scrolling away in the wanasoko hustlers paradise.

The new wanasoko redesign clearly proves to you my friends that Wanasoko developers are not asleep. The all time highest visit was recorded on friday 12th April just after we officially loaded the new homepage and the new search streams. The reaction was wow and we were wowed.

Wanasoko algorithm explained.

It would be wrong to not clearly explaining the steps we are taking to make it simple sweet and fast. Without beating around the bush and without mentioning the code itself lets dig into the steps we are taking.

1. ) We are using Facebook graph to pull data from Facebook’s groups of interest. These groups include wanasoko, soko kuu, soko huru, soko nyeusi and many more.

2. ) The data is then inserted in a large table called “soko_content” this is the table that displays listing to the post pages. This table is set to have the following characteristics

  • It is not allowed to host duplicate content.
  • It is not allowed to hold images without text.
  • The new data is marked as not filtered and can thus be displayed only to the users via our website and is blocked from the search engines.

3. ) After every 3 hours we pick all the data marked as not filtered and apply an algorithm that is able to provide information on possible categories and also derive key words from the set of data while also giving a score on affinity.

4. ) We are now able to build a clean sitemap to push to google robots to index and also provide relevant categories for our users to quickly find their data.

New algorithm to wanasoko posts.

At wanasoko we are dedicated to assist each and everyone get to capitalize on Google traffic to their content whether they are looking to buy an Item or looking to sell an item. We have therefore been engaged in a continuous endeavor adjusting our algorithms to be able to filter and edit in accordance to the google algorithm. The latest being Google Panda.

After assessing our content we have identified items that we seriously need to attend to in order to perform better on the search. These factors include :

  •  Poor quality content – We understand that the source of our data requires one to post multiple times in order to gain traction. We have therefore decided to clean off our database any duplicate content. We shall only hold onto unique data. Furthermore our algorithm has now been tuned to identify content that satisfies quality. Read more here
  • Images without text – Images on wanasoko are currently pulled directly from Facebook. However, this has proven to be both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is that Facebook is faster in providing images than our servers may ever be. Better still Facebook runs on a CDN network therefore we can never manage to run any faster. The disadvantage thus is Google cannot index images from Facebook therefore without text Google imagines the data to be off poor quality despite there being a very beautiful image. Our algorithm will now detect this and push this kind of content low.

In conclusion our algorithm will now simply praise quality content as it suppresses poor quality content.

How wanasoko may help you.

Wanasoko is tailored to place your items at the front of billions of eyes via the largest network in the world: Google. The site is constantly optimized and monitored to ensure your items contain the aspects that google loves an aspect that has gained wanasoko over 40,200 ( items indexed by google and in turn over 1000 pageviews a day one month after we launched. *That is awesome trust me*

We will now use this channel to help you optimize your posts in order google may find you appealing.

First you should start by ensuring when you post on soko kuu, soko huru, wanasoko that you make the first 80 characters count with relevant keywords and the remaining up to 110 characters containing support information to the first 80 characters. The rest leave to us.


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